Design area – 2100 Sqft (Including Terraces)
Land Extent – N/A
Core Spaces – Living, Dining, Kitchen, Pantry, 2 kids rooms, 1 common toilet, Open-To-Sky breathing space.

Design Year – 2020

This is another challenging project, we were invited to design in 2020, where the site is located at Moratuwa.

The existing house was located on a 7.5 Perch land plot. The client’s main requirement was to keep walls of the existing ground floor as much as possible while creating a strategic connection to a newly planned first floor and a terrace area. Since the walls were old, it was decided to keep structural column footings outside old walls, which was a challenging task to plan the same.

The client’s requirement was to provide accomodation for his parents in the ground floor while the owners move to the first floor. Changes to the existing
structure had to be critically minimized due to the budgetary constraints. Thus, the architect was limited to the existing floor area about 2100 squarefeet.

After discussing with the client, the brief of requirements have been properly defined making the architectural brief. Then the architect did his planning on the first floor for 2 bed rooms (Approx. 170 Sqft), kitchen, dining, pantry, Master Bed Room and a study area. The ground floor did not nhave much changes, only a toilet has been relocated.