Design Area – 1600 Sqft
Site Extent – 10 Perch
Core Spaces – 2 Parking Lots, Entrance Verandah, Living, Dining, Wet Kitchen, Bar Counter Space (Open to sky), 2 bed rooms, Master bed room with dressing and toilet, TV Lounge, Kid’s Study,

Design Year – 2015

A low cost housing, yet elegant house designed by the Architect. Client’s major concern was to make a house where he can enjoy with the family. The client expressed a poetic idea that he needs to look at the night sky while enjoying a cozy night.

The client intended to limit the house to a single story. While keeping more green garden space from three sides, i.e. front, rear and one side, the house was designed utilizing maximum space utilization and efficient planning. The family was a cat loving family. Thus, the necessity to keep spaces dry and clean, with well fit ventilation was a must especially due to constant cleanings.

The house was planned with passive building techniques utilizing cross ventilation, through an internal open-to-sky space. Further, it was crucial to maintain ventilation effectively since the principal building material was chosen to be cement blocks. The house construction successfuly completed in 2017.

The bar counter space, which is designed to be open-to-sky housed with a signature bottle collection of the client, further extended with a timber lattice work, which not only supported cross ventilation, but also, became an interior feature.

The architect enjoyed designing the house with a passion of creating a contemporary house with user freindly spaces. The interior design was completely designed by the Senior Interior Designer, Mrs. Niwarthana Dissanayake. Client’s budgetary constraints, dreams and ideas were carefully evaluated when choosing right materials, draperies, furniture concepts, etc.