Design area – 2000 Sqft (Including Terraces)
Land Extent – N/A
Core Spaces – Living, Dining, Kitchen, Pantry, Master Bed Room with Dressing and Toilet, 2 kids rooms, 1 common toilet, Open-To-Sky breathing space.

Design Year – 2015

This is another challenging project, we were invited to design in 2015, where the site is located at Moratuwa.

A partially built, extremely poor-planned house, “designed” by a non professional. During construction, the client was not satisfied about the planning. They understood that the space was wasted without properly fulfilling their needs. Without wasting their limited cash flow, they suspended the construction activities, carefully re-thought about their needs and came to seek the consultancy of the Architect.

The client’s requirement was to provide accomodation for University students in the ground floor while the owners move to the first floor. Changes to the existing structure had to be critically minimized due to the budgetary constraints. Thus, the architect was limited to the existing floor area about 2000 squarefeet. Further, the doors and windows for the entire house has been produced by the client, limiting the number of openings.

After discussing with the client, the brief of requirements have been properly defined making the architectural brief. Then the architect did his planning for 2 bed rooms (Approx. 170 Sqft), kitchen, dining, pantry, Master Bed Room with dressing and attached bathroom. Since the house has a picturisque view to the Bolgoda lake, Architect kept a target of keeping an open-to-sky space for entertainment with the panaromic Bolgoda lake. The kitchen was planned with a separate service entrance without disturbing the activities of the living area.

The work has been completed in 2017. The architect enjoyed this project well as it is a fine example of proper planning, lighting, ventilation and, most of all, a livable house is crucial for a human being, where this initial house was not intended to cater the said demand. Thus, architect thinks that this is a successful conversion.