Design Area – 5100 Sqft
Site Extent – 20 Perch
Core Spaces – 2 Parking Lots, Entrance Verandah, Living, Dining, Wet Kitchen, Black Kitchen, Island Pantry, Guest Bed Room with common toilet, Maid’s room, Master bed room with dressing and toilet, Utility and Drying, Entertainment, Study, 2 kids’ rooms, Shrine room, Roof terrace with bar.

Design Year – 2018

Hiding out from the busy, tight daily stresses becomes a crucial need for the urban dwellers. This is the main reason why demand for semi-urban areas for residential needs are in high. Areas that neither too far nor remote from the Central Business District, thus have a high potential for residential activities.

With this in mind, the client sought architect’s consultancy to design his dream home. His most important priority was seclusion and tranquility where his family can enjoy the utmost hapiness in life amidst the busy work schedules. He prefered a home, not just a building with a bunch of walls.

At the initial meetings, the family expressed their views and perceptions. Our meetings never went on focussing on building a house. We built a rapport by discussing the perceptions of life, how the family seek entertainment to make their lives happy. The family, oriented with close religious background preferred on almsgivings and other such activities. However, their sense of entertainment with movies and music was commendable. They expressed the ways they enjoy with music, harmonies of chords, etc, which helped them to ease down their surrows in life.

The architect well enjoyed talking to them, which eventually made the perfect spatial arrangements and visual connections they urge. With the understandings, architect was able to grab their attention to the design from the very first design proposal. Thus, we strongly believe that reading our clients well is the principal of architecture and built environment.

Soon after the designs were been finalized with 3-dimensional walkthroughs and visualizations, architectural detailing commenced. The team considers that visualizing the spaces in actual way is more important for a person who are not experts in understand a drawing by just looking at it. Permit drawings were prepared and submitted for local authority approval.

Close collaboration with the key consultant, the structural engineer, the design detailing continued. Careful consideration on structural engineer’s design, column layouts, beams were made in order to evaluate the impact on spaces. Discussions went on modifications for the structural design, cost factors, etc. After finalizing the structural detailing, a comprehensive drawing package has been compiled with all architectural and structural details, which was forwarded to the cost consultant, where the final cost estimation was derived.

Bids were called from several contractors, where all were evaluated technically and financially, where evaluations for front loading, and other errors were taken into serious considerations.

The architect consider this as a fine example of where the initial pillars, the Client, Architect and Contractor had a very close rapport to discuss and fine tune the design with perfection by considering their needs.