Design Area – 1600 Sqft
Site Extent – 6 Perch
Core Spaces – 1 Parking Lot, Living, Dining, Kitchen Pantry, 3 Bed rooms, 2 common toilets, Utility, Drying Deck, TV Room

Design Year – 2018

A design to dwell within bare minimum plot of 6 perch block becomes extremely challenging while providing maximum green garden spaces. The architect was able to achieve the same by careful planning. When it comes to budgetary needs, harnessing the maximum potentials of space will help to ease costs. Further, the architect introduced materials and finishes that are cost effective, yet elegant and timely.

All bed rooms were designed with possible interior arrangements for furniture and equipped with Queen Size beds, Wardrobe spaces. House was designed to be opened up from three sides to garden space to receive maximum light, ventilation and good visual connections to green with open-garden living areas.