Design Area – N/A
Site Extent – N/A
Core Spaces – N/A

Design Year – 2018

The client of this half completed house required a cozy, yet humble with touch of luxury interior and exterior appearance. With this in mind, the family expressed their scope of spaces to be addressed. Interior spatial design for Entrance Verandah, Living, Kids’ room, Master Bed room and Shrine Room design was among the major requirements. Architectural design consultancy was obtained to re-design stair case with an elegant look, Re-design the existing courtyard and re-design the front boundary.

The house was about 10 years old. Therefore, both architect and interior designer had to face the challenge of keeping the existing structures and internal wiring systems as it is. We were able to adhere to the same with careful planning and effective lighting techniques. Day light patterns, user behaviors were carefully read by the architect where thoughts of kids were taken into a good extent.

Another requirement was to retain existing furniture as much as possible as they were not very old. Thus, the designers were able to achieve the same by carefully adjusting overall spatial theme matching the architectural concept. Spaces such as kids’ bed rooms, shrine room required new furniture, where the client insisted on designer furniture. Accordingly, the designs were made with full details that can be manufactured by carpenters.

Client further requested to re-design the existing courtyard which was an abandoned space with no success of vegetation. The landscape architect of our team had provided his expertise by properly designing effective landscape responding to the local micro-climate. Careful selection of plant species, contractor administration was done to harness the maximum product.

The architect’s scope of work further extended on the selection of arts and crafts, sculpture and drapery for the interior where this project had the involvement of artists, which made the project more entertaining. The client’s design taste and support for the project was appreciating.