Design Area – 1300 Sqft
Site Extent – N/A
Core Spaces – Rentable space targeting fashion studio

Design Year – 2018

A budget studio space for fashion design and showcasing, located in Kegalle. The client offered his intentions about what he is planning to do, including his business profile and target market. After having some friendly discussions, the architect proposed his design concept as a rustic, yet iconic to the context, proposal.

Since the client had a limited budget, usage of material and design concepts were shaped with what can be easily adapted and incorporated to the design. Use of glass, and steel combination together with exposed bricks and wrought-iron light fittings were key design elements. Lighting design has been done by our senior interior designer in order to accommodate an eye catching, yet elegant appearance, while matching the architectural theme.

The architect has inspired his concepts with the lush greenery of the area, which is currently becoming devastated by haphazard development.