Design Area – 3700 Sqft
Site Extent – 8 Perch (Buildable Area – Approx 3 Perch)
Core Spaces – Rentable space targetting fashion studio

Design Year – 2020

A budget mixed development with residential and commercial activities (All rentable) was client’s requirement.

Featured constraints were the natural slope of site and considerable reservation of building line from road. The latter has restricted the development only to an area of approximately 3 Perch.

The challenge was to get the maximum space utilization without wasting it. Further, cut and filling to keep the land flat not only brings and additional cost to client’s budget, but also makes the land vulnerable for soil structure instabilities especially within a landslide prone area like Matale.

Therefore, the Architect had to develop the design with careful planning while maintaining an elegant architectural character. Thus, utilizing the existing land mass with very minimum cut and filling was a winning challenge with careful planing.

The client’s requirements were been satisfied by providing a strategic planning approach where the commercial space portion is about 82% from total building area; which included the rentable residential part and parking space that is also a crucial element within a commercial facility.