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Architect Tharinda Dissanayake is an individual Chartered Architect, registered under the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects (SLIA) Act of Sri Lanka. The firm, Tharinda Dissanayake Chartered Architects, began in 2014, is a fully fledged architectural practice offering a range of services: Architectural Planning, Green Building Design, Landscaping, Interior and Furniture Design, Cost Consultancy, Building Information Modelling (BIM) Services, etc: within Sri Lanka, not limited to Colombo District.

Architect obtained an honors degree in Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Moratuwa. He became a professional member of the SLIA and the Green Building Council of Sri Lanka. Understanding the world technological advancements in the construction field, Architect started utilizing Building Information Modelling systems, and became a qualified Revit Architecture professional from Autodesk. The architect values more on low carbon footprint buildings suitable for Sri Lankan tropical climate.

Architect had contributed his knowledge extensively for private and government institutions. His professional career was shaped up under several chartered architects. Later, he served as an Architect for the Aerocity Development Project, Ministry of Urban Development, water supply and housing facilities (Previously, Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development). The architect has further engaged on the professional development of the architect community through the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects and Architectural Education.

Niwarthana Dissanayake, an experienced interior designer, obtained an honors degree in Bachelor of Design from University of Moratuwa, team member of the firm, has specialized on commercial and residential interiors and has an extensive knowledge about customized furniture and materials. She has served for well-known Interior design companies such as Alpha Interiors, Woodman Lanka.

The other consultants, viz; Structural, MEP, Cost Consulting, etc; affiliated with the firm are also very experienced professionals in the industry, of whom the profiles can be obtained through our website.

The firm strongly believes professional and timely service while providing maximum client satisfaction. The team always ensures that their services are not just limited to mere production of building drawings. They always take the opportunity to educate their clients for risks, problems and benefits of the project while encouraging on discussion based decision making. They always value the Client-Architect-Contractor triangle, which is crucial for a good final product, thus working friendly, but firmly would be their working motto.

ඔබ සහ මම දිනෙක පස් වන්නේ, අනන්තවූ වාරයක් හුස්ම ගන්නා වූ අවකාශයේම ය.


රමණීය ය, බහුරූපීය ය.
ඇයගේ රංගනයේ ආකර්ෂණීය වෙස්ගැන්වීම් ප්‍රතිභාපූර්ණය ය….

ඒ මනරම් රංගන වේදිකාව,
ඔබගේත්, මගේත්, සාමාජයීය පරිසරයයි…..
අපගේ සංස්කෘතියයි…..
ඔබ, මම, විඳිනා සෞන්ධර්යයි…..

වාස්තු නිර්මාණයක් යනු, බහුරූපී ඈ තුල උපදින්නා වූ ජීවයයි…..
එම ජීවයට සුන්දර, ශක්තිමත්, ඉතා නිරවද්‍ය වූ ස්ථිර පදනමක් ගොඩනැගිය හැක්කේ නම්,
ඒ බහුරූපී ඈ ඉතා නිරවද්‍යව හඳුනාගත් ඔහුට පමණි.

ඔහු නම් වූ කලී,
වරලත් වාස්තු විද්‍යාඥයෙකි!
ඒ සිහිනය, හරි අපූරුවට වර්ණගැන්විය හැක්කේ ද ඔහුට පමණි!

Architecture is not just art. Its the nature, society, culture, science and art itself. Its the volume of space where we breath millions of times and buried six feet below eventually.

Satisfying the complex human needs, desires in relation to built environment while becoming a true, responsible professional, protecting the nature, art, and architecture, with adaptive technologies, materials and research.

Architect Tharinda Dissanayake Green Building Council of Sri Lanka certificate
Architect Tharinda Dissanayake Autodesk Certified Professional - Revit Architecture


SLIA Reg.No. : CA14141
ARB Reg.No.: A1252
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GBCSL Reg.No.: AssP-1931

Autodesk ACP License Code : wLKMn-Fadm(verify.certiport.com)